Monday, October 17, 2011

Wouldn't it be loverly...(Blogtoberfest Day 17}

All I want is a porch somewhere,
Over looking the beach, oh yeah,
With one very comfy chair,
Oh wouldn't it be loverly.....


Ah wouldn't it be lovely indeed, I could spend my days sitting in the warm sun, having the sea breeze cool my while sipping ice tea (or coke zero ;)) from a frosty glass.... I can dream can't I???

Where is you're 'Wouldn't it be loverly" place?


  1. My loverly place would be on a drifting boat in the middle of small lake in northern Wisconsin ... surrounded by autumn trees and a cool breeze. :-)

  2. Hmm..I just secretly blogged about my happy place. It is not so far off yours. Julie


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