Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have I got a yarn for you!

Hehe don’t mind me, I’ve gone a little knitting crazy! It might have taken me years of picking up the needles (or pins as I’ve found out) my brain has finally figured out how to knit…well how to do cast on, knit, purl, and cast off!
I’m a little excited if you can’t tell LOL.
I have been working with some size 10 needles which are huuuuuge, but they are easier to learn on as you can really see where the yarn goes, where to place the needle etc etc.
I actually took my knitting out into public for the first time today while I was waiting in the car for Dad.
002   004
006   007
Here are the YouTube vids I used to learn….FINALLY!
Check out the rest of the tutorials with this video, they’re very helpful.
Any who, guess what I didn’t do yesterday? That’s right I didn’t do my first blogtoberfest blog! Naughty me, well to make up for it I will do two today. So stick around for some exciting news and some more of my knitting trials and tribulations!
Till next time (in a few minutes), keep crafting xx.


  1. Yay for you on the knitting, I recently taught myself how to crochet using tutorials its a great feelling to accomplish something new, well done :)

  2. Hey Lis! Yes it's an awesome feeling, I am yet to conqour crochet, it's beaten me so far but I will over come it!

    Thanks for stopping by! :D


  3. I found your blog through Blogtoberfest and I like your sense of style. ... I'm a loom knitter and I'd like to learn needle-knitting someday so I'm gonna follow your posts. Happy bloggin'!

  4. Hi Tanya and thanks for stopping by! Thank you for the lovely compliment, it made my day!


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