Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips and Tricks Tuesday - {Blogtoberfest Day 18}

Reuse mailing tubes to store your iron on interfacing (vlisoflex etc) it keeps it crease free and clean and keeps the backing paper on the iron on versions from peeling away. If you can't source a already used one you can pick them up from your local post office or Officeworks or any good office supply store.

You can also decorate it to match your sewing room decor!

Use regular double sided tape to temporarily fix sew able Velcro to your fabric, it allows you to sew Velcro on straight without gunking up your needle (which happens when you use the adhesive Velcro
- Jodie, Zahley Rose



  1. Oh I had forgotten about the mailing tube trick. mmmm I wonder if hubby threw out the one we got last week.

    thanks Gem!


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