Monday, October 31, 2011

Holy Crap it's over - {Blogtoberfest day 31!}

Well what a journey that was, I must admit it was a lot of fun and I will be doing it again next year for sure! I missed a few days here and there but I think that's fine, otherwise all blogging and no play make gem go CRAZY!!!

I wish I had something to show off for my last post of blogtoberfest but I don't :( I do have a half done project sitting there staring at me, but alas I've run out of fabric so I may have to start from the beginning, oh well.

How are you celebrating/dealing with all hallows eve? We just do lollies for kids in the neighbourhood, this year we got some halloweeny decorations (I'm thinking next year I might go all out!) and have a bowl of yummy treats ready for the goblins and ghouls (or ben 10 and dora) who will be appearing soon.


Very basic but Master N loved it! Do you do anything special for Halloween? Take the kids trick or treating? Go to or throw a Monster bash? I think it's becoming more and more a part of our society which I love, I'm not usually into commercial holidays but growing up I was always jealous of american kids getting mounds of candy, wearing cool costumes and carving pumpkins. I think every year we're going to see our stores filled with even more Halloween paraphernalia, bring it on I say!

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