Monday, October 3, 2011

Obsession, yes another chevron theme post…

OK so I know I’ve already posted you about my love of all things chevron, but I just can’t help myself, I am seeing it everywhere and it makes me so happy!
I’m not sure why a few lines please me so much but hey, simple minds….
So I decided to go to old reliable Pinterest to find some chevron inspiration. (Is it strange I always think of Charlie Brown when I look at chevron?!?!)

{Click image to go to the source.}

Random fact, a chevron other than being an fab decorating element is also a bone found in the under side of the tail in reptiles, dinosaurs and many mammals (kangaroos, manatees)! It’s function is to protect vital elements in the tail such as nerves and blood vessels from being damaged when these animals use their tail to support their body weight or uses it to push itself against a hard surface to propel itself! (thanks wikipedia).
Here are some of the many gorgeous, delightful, and just down right bloody awesome chevron images found on Pinterest!
{Click image to go to the source.}

{Click image to go to the source.}
{Click image to go to the source.}
{Click image to go to the source.}
OMG I could just die, there are so many ways to incorporate chevron loveliness into your life, why not give it a go!
On to other things, here’s a little hint of what I’m working on as a group project with some awesome chicks from here.
or 009
I hope you have a lovely day and don’t forget to…keep crafting!


  1. I love that floor! I'd have a hard time convincing the Man about the House that it would look great though! I'm crocheting a chevron (ripple) blanket - slowly but surely getting there!

  2. It's gorgeous isn't it! I would love to do this in an office or a kids room, would look amazing. I think I might have a hard time convincing mine too, but hey that's what rugs are for right?!?

    I've been wanting to knit or crochet myself a chevron blanket, it's on my list! I would love to see your blanket it when it's finished!

    Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


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