Monday, July 25, 2011

BIG W fabrics!

Click to enlarge to see more detail.

I quickly took some pics of the fabrics I picked up from Big W, some really cute ones and they are about $3 for the FQ and $6 for the remnants. The remnants are top right and 2nd row left.

My Melly and Me book still hasn't arrived :( It will be two weeks on wed so am going to continue to stalk the letterbox! Can't wait!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

TSS traveling doll UPDATE!

There are some new photo's of the dollies first stop over on the TSS blog! Check it out here. I am hoping to meet this wee dolly this sat YAY!

Here's a sneak peak!

In other craft news I am stalking the mail box this week as I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Melly and Me's new book, Sewn Toy Tails! I was luck to met Missy Melly herself at the recent Daylsford Crafters Retreat and she is just so lovely and very talented! It's coming from the UK and was orders over a week ago so I am hoping it arrives this week, fingers crossed! I've had a look through it and fell in love with all the little creatures Melly has created.

I have to let you in on a secret, maybe I shouldn't maybe I should keep it to my self.... ahhh what the heck, it's not like anyone reads this new little blog or anything...

OK my secret is one of a unlikly place where some very cute (and inexpensive) 100% cotton can be purchased. OK ready, wait for it...It's BIG W! The next time you've popped in head over to the haberdashery dept, there are little rolls of FQ as well as remnants usually just over a mt of the cutest fabrics! There isn't a large selection but I never walk out with less than 4 FQ's when I rummage through. Check it out.

On the hunt...

OK so I may or may not have a unhealthy addiction to the per curing myself a vintage cantilevered sewing box..

Have you seen them? They are just gorgeous, here take a look at a little collection of pictures I have collected...

Aren't they just the prettiest things you've EVER SEEN!?!

Now I have a couple of problems, I am too tight to spend copious amounts of money, I want a bargain damn it, but am coming around to the fact I will have to part with more of my money to get my gorgeous sewing box. My second problem is finding THE ONE!

When the weather improves I am going to start doing the garage sales, car boot sales, Camberwell Market, and every market in between.

If you come across one of these glorious boxes in your travels and don't want to snatch it up for your self please think of me and perhaps shoot me an email of where you saw it.

I am determined to get one of these before my birthday in Sept (20th), so with your help I may get there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's post is brought to you by the letter N...

As promised the letter "N" button monogram.

Hanger Detail, cute hey!

Would you believe I bought more buttons today, I am button obsessed! I can't go past an op shop without scouring their habadashery section looking for gorgeous old buttons.
I love when you find them in old coffee jars or Vegemite jars as you know someone has spent their time collecting any spare buttons they find to be put away for a rainy day.

Now for something exciting, I'm a part of a group of talented creative women called The Sewing Sisterhood.

The Sewing Sisterhood are a group of creative and talented women from all over Australia who make and sell their wares on Facebook, Madeit, Oz Handmade etc.

A number of the girls are participating in a special project, they are raising money for charity (charity yet to be confirmed). It all started with a rather un attractive piece of golf themed fabric Belinda from Little Sew and Sews  received in a fabric bundle. Her first idea was to send a piece to everyone and see what they could come up with and sell but, well, that went down like a led balloon, but it did plant a seed for the "Scrappy Softie".
The doll (yet to be named) has been created using a gorgeous rag doll pattern from Dolls and Daydreams, Big Doll Softie Pattern . Using fabric donated by a number of the girls Belinda pieced her together resulting in a gorgeous softie doll.

Isn't she just divine, she will be making a number of stops all over Australia before finally being auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the nominated charity. Along the way she will be added to resulting in what I am sure will be a gorgeous addition to any child life. Her first stop is in WA with Tina from The Sewing Fairy, then she is back to Belinda so she can personally accompany her over to Melbourne to meet her new host family! I am hoping I'll be able to see her in person when a large contingent of TSS are convening on Melb for the Quilt and Craft fair being held at Jeff's shed in a couple of weeks (11 days to be exact!). So look out for some pics on the blog. I'll also be added her journey pics as they happen.

Well that's all from me today, catch ya later crafty peeps!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm being crafty again!

It's felt like a lifetime since I was able to unleash my creative side! With a business, family, school and work there just wasn't time for me to do anything fun!

But that has changed, gone is the business and school (don't worry I didn't get rid of the family just so I could whip out the hot glue gun, although it has crossed my mind ;)). Am working part time so that leaves me at least 1 day a week where I can CRAFT CRAFT CRAFT!

My re entry in the crafty world has been a hazardous one, and I've got the burns to prove it! I've been working on some monogram wall art for me (of course) my niece and son. Apart from the 1st degree burns this is a fun and easy project which I guess could be done with a cold glue but then you have to wait for it to dry, deal with the fumes, I'm an instant gratification kinda gal so I like to be able to hang it as soon as it's finished!

My first attempt was on an canvas I've re purposed, it has a small tear in it as well as a spot where Mr 4 decided he would like a blob of glue...

I used all vintage buttons from a stash i uncovered at a op shop recently and it turned out a bit awesome if I do say so my self! (again ignore the tear and spot).

My second attempt looks much prettier, it's for my wee niece Miss 2.

Bit cute hey!

Next is and "N" in red's and blues. Will post a pic once finished!

Onto something not as crafty per say but so much fun, Pinterest, heard of it? It's an awesome place to 'pin' inspiration, items of interest, recipes, tutorial or anything you want to keep for future reference, I think of it as a visual bookmark. If you haven't already got an account it's a must! You will need an invite to join so if you would like one leave your email in a comment below and I will be sure to add you as it's something no creative person should be without. If you would like to see what I'm going on about or wish to follow my pins press the button on the side of the page.

WARNING: I do not take responsibility for the hours you will spend pinning, make sure all animals, elderly and children are fed and can use the remote to avoid any problems!

Any who I'm signing off for my first post on my brand new spanking blog, I aim to get something posted at least once per day be it a craft I've made, a tutorial or something I've found on my journeys around the interwebs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have a dream....

I have a dream, do you want to know what it is?

What is my dream? My dream is to one day have my own store, not just any store a handmade emporium ( I love that word!) if you will. I want it to be a haven for crafters to come and craft, learn, network, create friendships, buy handmade items from all over the world as well as sell their handmade creations.

I would love my little store to be warm and inspiring, calming and creative.

What my dream looks like in my head...

  • Retail space to buy and sell all things handmade, purchase craft books, purchase various crafting supplies such as threads, felt, fabrics, buttons etc etc.
  • A coffee lounge with over stuffed couches and arm chairs, lots of pillows and bean bags where you can purchase yummy locally produced sweets, cakes, and savories, and host small craft groups meet up or catch up for a coffee with a friend for a chat or just relax.
  • A space with sewing machines/ over lockers/ embroidery machines, body forms etc for people to use either as a class or hire (in store) per hour, making it affordable and accessible for anyone who want's to learn to sew or who doesn't own a machine to do their own sewing.
  • Craft Classes (Make and Take), lots of beginner classes as well as things like softie making, screen printing, quilting etc.
  • Guess designers hosting talks on their chosen craft, offering demonstrations.
  • A place for small business crafters to network, learn the ins and outs of selling their crafts either at market or online.
  • Children's craft experiences, a place for kids to express them selves through creativity.
  • Wifi for peeps to blog, chat, FB while they craft, or to look up that much needed pattern or tutorial.
  • The decoration will be a mixture or vintage, op shop finds, woodland cuteness (so lots of cute mushrooms and deer EVERYWHERE!). 
  • Lots more to come...

As you can see I have a lot going on up there. But I feel as time goes on that this is my true calling. I think this is what I was put on this earth to do and damn it I am going to do it one way or another.
What's holding me back? Well money to be blatantly honest, I don't have any nor am I in the position to borrow any from either family or financial institute so for the time being (and unless a long lost relative drops dead and leaves their fortune to me, which I feel isn't going to happen) it will remain as a dream but some day soon I hope that my dream will really come true. But I invite you to come along on my journey, I will be using this blog to document ideas and designs I would love for my place.

So buckle up, hands inside the vehicle and lets get this journey started!
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