Sunday, October 2, 2011

The week that was…

I’ve decided that every Sunday I do a post titled “The week that was” where I can recap happenings from the past week, stuff I did blog about, stuff I forgot or stuff I didn’t think was interesting enough to blog about during the week LOL.
I found out I was accepted into the Croydon Huckleberry Market in Dec (more details to come). YAY ME!
I finally got started on my breast cancer donation (photo’s to come).
I taught myself after many years trying to teach my self on and off how to knit finally! So far I’ve learn…
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Stockinette Stitch
  • Cast on and off
  • Rib Stitch
I purchased some different size needles and come yummy yarn to make my first ever knitted creation ( granted it’s a scarf but still, baby steps) (Oh and don’t remind me that I have chosen to take up a winter hobby at the beginning of spring!).
Realised if you don’t do thing things won’t get done…
Took Master N to get his 4 year old needles which nearly broke my heart, then comforted my rather sick 4 year old which were caused by the a fore mentioned needles.
Signed my self up to Blogtoberfest (which I missed the first day of, but am making up for it by doing two posts in one day! Go Me!).
Finally got around to calling a child care centre to book myself in for placement so I can finally finish my course, I start Wednesday!)
Came up with an exciting business idea, again it’s something which all benefits and feeds into the dream I have for owning my own creative business. (More to come soon!)
Making a decision to get serious about blogging, I would like to use this blog as a creative outlet, a journal to look back on and perhaps a means of earning some $$ to help my little family obtain our goals.
Realised that if I can’t get it right the first time doesn’t mean the world is going to end nor do I move onto the next thing, try try again.
Found that contact doesn’t work very well as a mask when trying to paint a design on fabric, back to the drawing board on that one.
Seeing that there are new dates for the screen printing workshop I want to do in October YAY!
Found some really awesome and inspiring blogs to stalk, I mean read!
Refrained from throwing myself off the closest bridge (thankfully we don’t have bridges close by) when my beloved pies lost the grand final yesterday, waaaahhhhhaaaaaaaa!
And because I hate blogging with out pictures here is a pic of my beautiful cat scout ♥.
Well that was the week that was, see you tomorrow with more of my craft adventures, till then, keep crafting xx

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