Thursday, October 27, 2011

Makeover at Lil Pip's Place - {Blogtoberfest Day 27}

I've been a bit of a secret squirrel this last week! I've been working on a friends blog!


I can't take credit for the gorgeous Owl, or the back ground on the 'Find Me' buttons as they were created by some other talented designers but I did make the Lil Pip logo into the cute wee buttons, designed the header and the background as well as the cute as Lil Pip blog button!. Head on over to Lil Pip and you can see the blog in all it's glory!

Till Next Time, Keep Crafting


  1. And Lil Pip (well thus bug mumma Pip) absolutely loves it. No way could I do it alone. I can talk / write a lot but not do techno stuff.

    Thank you - it is wonderful.

  2. Goodness. 'This big' not 'thus bug'

    Gosh better learn to read the autocorrect.


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