Thursday, October 13, 2011

A special cause - {Blogtoberfest day 13}

I showed you a look at what I had been working on here yesterday. Well here's what it's all about...

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, you can purchase lots of different pink items which go towards the NBCF.

I'm doing my part by donating this OOAK BCA Frog. The auction starts on October 17th, 8pm over on La Crafts Facebook page.  Check out all the gorgeous pink themed handmade creations available. If you wish to vote for my frog head on over here!

I am thankful that no one close to me has been affected by breast cancer but I know many friends who have. 

LA Crafts Breast Cancer Awareness Auction Donation

Isn't he/she cute, Master 4 wanted it for himself but I had to gently explain to him it was for something very special, he happily gave it up, bless his little cotton socks ♥.

In other news, how awesome is the weather in Melbourne, it's luffly. What's the weather like where you are? 

Good news, I have a couple of tutorials in the works, they are christmas themed so stay tuned! I'm a little excited.

Oh and before I forget I will be doing my first real life market in December! Huckleberry Market is a new baby's and children market which is holding their first market in Croydon December 4th! It will be at Croydon Leisure Centre, which is a great venue. I will have a few different items for sale as, there will also be a selection from some other crafty friends of mine, there will be some lovely handmade items, I can't wait! As the time draws closer to the market I'll let you know all the details but for now keep the 4th free!!!!

Till next time, keep crafting! xx

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