Friday, May 18, 2012

Such an awesome google reader tip!

Becky from Infarantly Creative posted on her blog one of the best tips I've heard in a long time, and surprisingly it isn't a craft related!

I don't know if its just me but as much as I love love love having all my favourite blogs in one place on google reader but I hated not seeing the whole blog. Yeah I could have clicked through to the blog, and I have done that on many occasions but with limited time, it just ain't always doable. Then Becky's fabulous tip came along!

You can check the post on Becky's blog here, there are also a couple of other hot tips, so take note!

To find out what I'm talking about scroll to number 3 on the list of "must have's".

While you're there you can check out all Becky's thrifty and amazing road kill rescues (and I'm not talking flat animals) and refurbishments. She's so talented and an inspiration to me.

Till next time...

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