Friday, May 18, 2012

Eastside Crafters and more…

Tuesday just gone was the Eastside Crafters monthly get together and we had two new peeps join which is awesome! I so enjoy ESC nights as it gets me out of the house (and away from being a Mum and Wife) for a few hours which I think is a good thing for everyone to do now and then for sure. But the time always goes so quickly. I swear I could sit there for hours chatting (and eating) and crafting away.

Have you thought about coming? If so you should defiantly try and make it. We're a friendly bunch and love meeting new like minded crafty peeps in the community. And not only is it a great social outlet it's a great place business networking. Feel free hand your business cards around. A number of our members have crafty business, here are but a few of them...

Baby Chilli

Stoked Creations

India's Closet

Two Little Blue Birds

Apple Seed

Cloth for Comfort

Our next meet up is on Tue 19th June, 7.45pm - 10pm, it only costs $5 which covers rental of the hall which is heated/air conditioned and well appointed with comfy chairs and large tables to spread out on. You can also bring you're sewing machine or laptop if you so desire, there are many power points situated around the room. Tea and Coffee is supplied and we all bring something delicious to munch away on.

We hold out group in the Community room/hall at Lilydale Lake, it's situated at the playground end of the lake, there is plenty of parking right in front of the hall so you don't have to lug you're crafty wares a long distance. It's a disable friendly building with ramps and generous doorways.

I am considering in the future to perhaps hold a whole day group one Saturday or Sunday to allow those who can't make our night groups as well as be able to fully relax and enjoy many hours of crafting goodness, I'll look at if it's possible and let you all know if it's a go!

I wish I had some photo’s to share but I get so wrapped up in talking and crafting I forget! Next month I will make it my mission to take some snaps!

Till next time…

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