Saturday, May 26, 2012

1st crochet project complete and I'm hooked ;)

I've finally actually finished something I started. It's taken me almost 6 weeks but it's done. Granted it's one of the easiest crochet projects to make but I am pretty darn proud of myself! Oh and I think I may have just mastered the art of double crochet!

Here's a instagram photo journey for your viewing pleasure. (I'm planning on taking better pics for my next project, ones that show's the progression a little better.)

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

 It's still drying, I'm hoping it will be done by bed time! It turned out bigger than I thought it was going to, It covers our Queen size bed (only the top, not the sides but still!)

Now I'm onto my next project. I tried my hand at these cute flowers this afternoon, I think I was using UK terminology, but the tutorial was in US??? Anyway the petals didn't turn out as round as they did in the picture. But I will try the american way and see if that goes any better!

I'm also going to get my yarn bag made up, will out up a tutorial in the next few days on how I made mine. It's going to be based on a simple zipper pouch but with a few extras.

I hope your staying warm and dry wherever you are.


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