Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What a massive weekend!

How was your weekend? Mine was flat out! Actually most of last week I was either socialising or shopping (I know such a hard life, if only it was like that every week).

This weekend I was lucky enough to be shouted by my gorgeous friend M, a girls weekend. We had our makeup done, ordered room service, drank cocktails, ate over looking the yarra river and dancing to music from the 80's through to the 90's and had a blast!

On the Saturday I spent the morning and part of the afternoon with my sisters, not my blood sisters but my sewing sisters, we came from far and wide and assended on Jeff's shed (Melbourne exhibition building for non Melbournites).
There were a few who I hadn't met yet and it was great to put voices to faces and names, one including Gill who has taken over the reins at Oz Handmade but also some I've known for YEARS! So it was about time we met in person.

The girls who attended were...

Jane - Lil Pip
Bec - Baby Chilli & Chilli Tree
Ange - Perigren Creations
Bel - Little Sew n Sews
Mel - Handmade by 3 little b's
Gill - Frilly's Designs and Oz Handmade
Sarah - Skip Chasey
Lynda - Stoked Designs

Here's a pic of us with Martha, the traveling doll I told you about a few posts ago, yes she has a name!
(And no I'm not going to say who's who cos I hate the photo of me so for now my identity will remain a mystery!)

FTR I actually didn't buy up big at the show, I got a few fat qtrs and some thread, I didn't really have time to slowly look around as I had to be at David Jones at 3 for makeup. Oh well, It was still great to catch up with my awesome sisters! I'm hoping we can do it again in Oct when the new craft show comes to town!

Have you been over to check out the new look Oz Handmade? It was released at 9pm last night and I love it's new look. Although I will miss my wee birdy, maybe he could pop up somewhere in a new form some how :D When you have time be sure to check out Oz Handmade, for all your handmade buying and selling needs! You can also be kept up to date on the Oz Handmade blog, where you will be the first to know about all the goodies which are going to be stocked in the Oz store, these include patters, supplies etc etc. Very exciting things are a foot in Oz Handmade land!

Till next time...

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