Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feels blergh

I hate when you think you're going to be having a great day and then you get a phone call and it ruins everything, well this just happened to me. I have been in tears and asked a very generous friend to come to my rescue which she did thankfully to get me out of a self dug hole.

I will NEVER again commit to anything that involves others.
I will NEVER again commit to something that will cause me being out of pocket because people don't follow through with their promises and obligations.
I will NEVER again get a bright idea and run with it with out any planning.

I like to be spontaneous and generous but it always seems to blow up in my face and it's MY name which gets dragged through the mud! I admit perhaps my organisational skill have a little to be desired but I can't take full responsibility for the chaos which ensued. I hate rude people and if I am being spoken to rudely expect it back.

Ho hum, what a depressing post. I am just feeling deflated now, grrr, snap out of it!

Sorry this is rather cryptic but I had to get it out. To make it better here's a picture of a cute puppy.

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