Thursday, June 14, 2012

What a difference a day makes....

I can feel the fog lifting, the big black hole isn't so cavernous any longer.

I decided yesterday that I need to get out of the house, breath some fresh air and absorb some vitamin D. So after a sleep in, Mr Musings and I headed off to the Dandys (Dandenong Mountains, for non melbournites.)

I love going up the mountain, and am lucky to live pretty much at the base so it isn't much of a drive. Master N was in school today so it's a day we get the car and some time alone together. Today inparticular we were heading to Sassafrass

Our first stop was the famous tea rooms, Mrs Marples where I dined on some scrummy butternut pumpkin soup, with a hot crusty bun, chips, while Mr Musing equally enjoyed some herb and cheese bread and a pot of freshly brewed earl gray. I really wanted the Devonshire scones but couldn't fit in another morsel.

Next stop was a few shops down the road, Soak Bathacary, a store of smelly delights. I picked up some Sohum Bourbon Vanilla Perfume Petite and Bourbon Vanilla Candlette. They both smell divine! I've been lusting after these for ages after stopping in a on a weekend a few months back. If you can't get to Sassafras you can purchase Sohum cosmetics online and trust me you won't be disappointed. If I could I would get so many of their products!

The next stop was the Sassafras Sweet Co. I made a beeline for the boiled lollies, I can't get enough of these sweet delights.

Sorry for the craptacular pics, they were taken on my phone is Melbourne winter afternoon light!

The last stop on our little adventure was a 'little' trek. I wasn't convinced, I don't do hiking or bush walking, the going down hill part is OK but it's when you want to go back home is where things start to get unpleasant!

At first I thought it was only a 15km trek to Emerald! I turned back! But Mr M told me there was a shorter look walk which would only take 20 minutes. I begrudgingly agreed so off we set.

It was actually a pleasant walk until we got to the end... 

This is what I was faced with to get back to the car...

 It went up and up and up! I eventually made it up, stopping along the way to catch my breath  admire the natural beauty which surrounded me.

So that was our little arvocation, it has helped clear my head and heart.


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