Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy Crap I made something!

I know crazy hey! It was part I've wanted to make one of these for ages and part I have no money to get a little friends birthday present!

Before I show you I must warn you it ISN'T perfect, there may be some wonky lines but I think (well I hope) my little friend liked it...

Here tis...

Yep it's a car cozy. I used this tute for sizing and then sort of free-styled it! I think it turned out OK. We also added a packet of matchbox cars to complete the gift.

So what have you been making this weekend? Do you make presents, or stick to store bought?



  1. Oh that looks cool Gem - the fabric is great.

    Haven't made anything recently. I have so much I want to do, just don't know where to start - something for me, the business or the kids!

    1. Start with something for you! In saying that I have something, actually a couple of things for me which are still waiting!



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