Tuesday, January 10, 2012

setting a crafty goal...grandmothers garden quilt

I'm not one for resolutions because, lets be honest, 99% of people don't keep them! I think that resolutions were created by someone in the fitness industry to boost their gym memberships at the beginning of the year! So anywho, I have decided that this year I am going to set myself on major craft related goal, I am going to make a grandmothers garden quilt. I actually stared one years ago, spent hours cutting out the hexagon templates, actually got 1 flower done, but I think it was just forgotten about. But this year I start a fresh! In exactly 12 months from now I WILL be sharing with you my completed quilt. I'll also so a wee counter on the side of my blog so I can keep track of how many hexies I create!


I've been getting lots of inspiration on the blogs for my quilt, I love what Retromummy is doing over on her blog.

I will get started this week, because I'm lazy I think I'm going to buy pre cut templates, have you used them? Are they worth it? Or should I just cut my own?

I have a huge scrap stash so will be using them as fabric for the quilt, I may (or will anyway;)) have to buy some extra bits of fabric, just to make sure I have enough :P.

Have you made a grandmothers garden quilt? I would love to see it! Or have you set yourself a craft goal for 2012, would love to hear that too!

Wish me luck as I'm not good at following through with plans, goals, I think I get bored, but this time I will follow through!

Till next time, keep crafting!

PS. Don't forget the first Eastside crafters meet for 2012 is Tue 17th Jan! 7.45pm - 9.45pm. Come to craft and chat!
Check out the ESC page for more info!


  1. DEFINITELY buy precut templates!!! It'll help maintain your enthusiasm and they aren't that exy. If you have an ABN you could buy them wholesale.
    Wishing you luck and many happy stitches. My aunt has done a quilt-as-you-go hexie quilt which is awesome. I'll take a pic and show you. She's kindly told me she's leaving it to me in her will because then she knows it's with someone who will appreciate her gazillion hours of work ;-)

    1. I would love to see a pic! I am looking forward to getting stared and will be using the pre cut templates for sure!!!

  2. You crazy girl - they take forever I've heard. Maybe you should aim low, say, a cushions worth (I've seen some super cute hexie cushions on Pinterest) and if that doesn't drive you around the bend keep going?

  3. Hahah I'm starting to think that, I saw a cute hexi pencil case using them as a decoration I might try, must say it's all a bit daunting!


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