Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012! (I know I'm a week late!)

Well I'm finally back on board after the silly (crazy) season! Not a lot of crafting has been happening, I attempted to start the Christmas latch hook kit I bought from spotlight the year before when everything was 50% off, but I didn't get very far!

I've been making some yummy food, one being this scrumptious chicken caesar salad, and it was delish!

(Can you tell I've feel in love with instagram!)

TBPH I'm glad this season is over, it's exhausting!

I have been doing a bit of digi creations, and am going to be taking on design work this year, along with starting my course.

Here's some of the digi things I've created for Little Sew & Sews as well as Stoked Creations

Not long till I start my new course! WOOHOO! And I think I may have decided on a new biz name for both graphic design and screen printing, so stay tuned!

Till next time, keep crafting.

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