Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've lost my sewjo

and I can't find it and not sure I want too. I just don't want to sew for a 'living' it doesn't get me excited, fabric on the other had does! I can't wait to start creating my own! I still want to do the grandmothers quilt and will as it doesn't require me to sit behind a machine for hours, I can do it in my own time, sitting in front of the telly, or on the train. I don't want to do frogs any more, I don't want to make toys, to sell anyway I much prefer digitally creating things (but my confidence in that has been bashed around a bit) I'm lost. I'm anxious for school to start which happens in a few weeks but in the mean time I have to battle with my self esteem.

Have you ever lost your creative juice? Please tell me it returns as I am feeling like it's gone for good!

On a positive note, Eastside Crafters has started back up again and this month we had a new member join our group. It was unfortunate that most of our regulars weren't able to make it but I have been assured they will be back next month! But we all had a good time, I like meeting people who I click with straight away! If you're in the area or are willing to travel I would love for you to join our group! I released the 2012 dates for ESC so make sure you write it down in your diary. If you've been worrying about meeting new people, don't! I'm the shyest person I know and I started the group LOL! Seriously we're all friendly, who love craft and a good chat.

Here's some things I've been working on this week...

Logo's and Facebook page prettiness for my new biz....ATOMIC BETTY. Can you tell I love the late 1950's aesthetic!

Till next time, keep crafting...


  1. Yep, mine comes and goes. I took almost 2 weeks off over Christmas while hubby was off work and it was so nice not to feel like I had to do anything crafty. Then I eased back into it by clearing some UFO's so hubby could see his desk again, lol.

    Did you see Riley Blake have a line with chevrons coming? They pinned some of the fabrics this morning.

  2. Mine's still MIA, but I have been feeling like trying a keyka lou wallet but will after I start school next week!

    No I haven't seem them, will check them out!


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