Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's all about the paint

All of a sudden Master N has gotten totally into painting, I've been trying to get him into craft for 4 years and while he would play along he would get bored within minutes but now he's gone all paint crazy, as you can see, he's been going through my acrylics like no ones business, time for some heave duty poster paint me thinks!

Craft Fail!
I've also been busy! Today I got a lovely little parcel in the mail, one of my purchases I talked about last week. It was my stamp making supplies from The Habby Goddess! I straight away got thinking of a design, decided on a button, east right? Wrong! It was what they call a craft FAIL! I tried something a little less complex in design, nice straight lines, well sort of, can you guess, go on, its easy.....


Not perfect but ok for my first, second try. :D

Now I just need to get me some more easy carve rubber stuff and will get some more designs created!!!

Onto other things, I've been blog surfing and come across this little gem. 365 days of craft is an Australian craft blog run by Bronywn, who some what local to me! She's a clothes designer by day and crafter by night who has set her self the challenge of you guessed it, designing and creating something every day for 356 days. Go and check it out!

One of Bronywn's favourite places to go is Resource Rescue Craft Supplies! If you haven't been there you're missing out on a treasure trove of crafty goodness! 

Here is a bit about what RRCS does (from their website). 

"Our stock is supplied by many generous industries across Melbourne. We collect offcuts, seconds and discontinued lines from them that they would otherwise have thrown away. It's a win-win, because these industries don't have to pay for the removal of the waste (we do it for them at no charge) and we are then able to supply these materials to the community at very low prices, while promoting re-use and recycling for the benefit of our planet."

If you're in the Bayswater area please pop in and check out the crazy awesome amount of things for sale, and feel good that you're keeping it out of land fill!

Find out more about them here, and here.

Till next time, keep crafting xo.

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