Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crafting, my birthday and a fish or two.

Well what a busy little bee I’ve been, well busy doing a whole lot of nothing!

Where should I begin, oh yes my birthday which fell on the same day/night as the Eastside Crafters first ever crafty catch up being held at the community room at Lilydale lake. I was so nervous leading up to the night, I went and bought my refreshments, made some yummy (packet) cupcakes and made my way down to the rooms.

My sister/assistant and I got there about 1/2 hr early to prepare everything, when we arrived I saw a gathering of 6 or so people waiting out the front, I started to get all excited that they had actually came and early, ha how wrong was I (they were actually a local fitness group using the lights on the veranda to do their sit ups!) we went inside after the first disappointment for the night, set out the tables, we only set out a few saying to ourselves if there are more we’ll just have to get more tables out (ha!).

So the we acclimated ourselves with our new temporary digs, which I might say are pretty damn awesome! Sound system, digital projector setup, fully equipped kitchen with coffee, tea and sugar! The urn was boiling, the name labels and sign up sheet was all set out at the door every thing was ready! We sat down to await our new crafty friends arrival. 7.45pm came no one arrived, that’s cool, no one likes to be on time, 7.50pm flew past still just us two nigel's, 8pm finally the awesome Lynda from Stoked Creations arrived, knitting in hand and we started chatting about everything from babies, to partners and everything in between. 8.30pm arrived it was still us. Time went on and once it reached about 9.20 I resigned myself to the fact no one was going to show.

I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed and something about it being my birthday just made it that little bit more pathetic. Ahh well pity party over with, my mind is now onto next months meet up which will be held on Tue 18th @ 7.45pm You can check out the Eastside crafters page for more info.
I did however take a before and after pic, the before taken as we were setting up…I challenge you to spot the difference!





Next month will be better (I hope).

This week we also headed back down to Lilydale lake to take the kids for a spot of fishing! The Yarra Valley Fly Fishers group run this free event every year which allows kids to try fishing. They net of a small part of the lake (closest to the dock) stock it with rainbow trout and supply instruction as well as a baited rod for the kids. Each child gets 30 minutes to try their luck, we were out of it I think, we had a couple of nibbles, but nothing caught. I think Mr 4 was more excited to just reel the line in without bothering to wait for the fish! It was fun non the less and we will for sure going back next year, some one might even get a his very own fishing rod from Santa this year if he plays his cards right!


Of course rolling down the hill was much more fun than boring old fishing!

Now to the crafty stuff, I’ve finally mastered knitting, well when I say mastered knitting I mean I can knit and pearl and cast on and off and make it look somewhat like it supposed to! I might look like a bit of a nufty doing it but hey, it’s taken me years to finally figure it out. I am off to get myself some smaller needles (only have huge 10mm one at the moment) and some nicer wool to play around with. I really want to make myself a chevron (I know big surprise) blanket or scarf so we shall see how that turns out! I will share with you the YouTube videos I used to teach me, yes they are aimed at teenagers, yes they are a bit dorky (sitting on a chair backwards does not make you cool or assist you to relate to teens, just sayin!). That is tomorrow post and hopefully I can show you a sneak peak of what I am working on for a good cause. Oh and also some exciting news!

Before I go I just wanted to announce the winner (and the only entry) of the button magnet competition. Congratulations to Bec! I will be in touch!


  1. Sorry to hear that not as many people turned up as you had hoped...I wish I was closer, I would be there in a flash!

    Hope next month sees a larger turn out for you! :)

  2. Aw thanks amy, I hope so to, and of course if you're ever out this way feel free to pop in :D



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