Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chevron Baby! & Wee Giveaway!

I have a new obsession, no it hasn’t replaced my button one (as you will see later in the post)! If you haven’t already guessed what it is take a look at my new background, have you seen this around on pinterst or the design blogs lately? Most of you will call it zigzag but apparently the posh way to call it is Chevron… I’m not sure why it appeals to me, perhaps the clean and neat lines or the over all pattern, either way I resisted getting on the band wagon for ages but not any longer, so much so that I spend all of yesterday afternoon creating my very own chevron piece. You wouldn’t believe how freaking complicated making the pattern was, it doesn’t look confusing well I’m here to tell you it was, I so should have paid more attention in math at high school! Oh and I still stuffed the pattern up, yep only I could make a mistake when painting straight lines….
So here is what I made, what was once a humble pin board from Ikea (vaggis, for those playing at home), which has been through a life already (being covered in freaky bird fabric also from Ikea) is now my very pretty and stylish chevron pin board!
pinboard makeover
Isn’t she pretty! Don’t look too closely as may have made some of the lines a little fatter than others but hey you live you learn!
Now onto my other obsession…BUTTONS! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and the stars finally aligned so here are my cute button magnets, aren’t they so cute! I can’t wait to make heaps, they are soooooo easy to do. I found magnets from my local $2 shop for $2.50 (not sure how that works!), the glue I used was Tarzan’s grip, I was going to use araldite but a) I’m a tight ass and don’t want to pay $11 for glue and b) well there is no b, I’m just a tight ass. I also contemplated using the wiz bang glue E6000 but again the tight ass thing came into effect! So Tarzan’s grip it was.
Now because I’m awesome I’m going to giveaway these cute button magnets, so if you would like to win them leave a comment below, and for every person you bring to the blog you will receive another entry! All they need to do is leave a comment saying who recommended them to Musings. Open-mouthed smileA winner will be picked by random next Sunday 25th Sept.

:: This giveaway is now closed::
small flyer
Also don’t forget that this Tuesday along with being my birthday (presents welcomed) will be the first crafty catch up with Eastside Crafters! I’m kind of nervous but mostly excited about it, I just hope people turn up as it will be a lonely couple of hours for me!
Until next time, keep crafting!

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  1. Miss Matilda sent me to Musings! I love your button magnets! They are too cute and will look great in a crafters room...


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