Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!

I have a confession, please don't judge me, but I have to let it out....

I love buttons... It doesn't matter it's colour, shape, age, I am a button whore!

Ahhh that feels so much better!

I think the humble little button doesn't get the respect and acknowledgement it deserves! Just think if there were no buttons, pants out be around our ankles, shirts and blouses a gape, not to mention you wouldn't have a witty way to tell someone to be quiet!

In honor of my coming out of the button closet I thought I would share some buttony creations I've come across in my crafty travels, some of which I've created myself, some I've found...



I could keep going and going and going but I won't!

If you have come across any great button projects or tutorials I would love to see them!

Have a beautifully crafty day!

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