Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's post is brought to you by the letter N...

As promised the letter "N" button monogram.

Hanger Detail, cute hey!

Would you believe I bought more buttons today, I am button obsessed! I can't go past an op shop without scouring their habadashery section looking for gorgeous old buttons.
I love when you find them in old coffee jars or Vegemite jars as you know someone has spent their time collecting any spare buttons they find to be put away for a rainy day.

Now for something exciting, I'm a part of a group of talented creative women called The Sewing Sisterhood.

The Sewing Sisterhood are a group of creative and talented women from all over Australia who make and sell their wares on Facebook, Madeit, Oz Handmade etc.

A number of the girls are participating in a special project, they are raising money for charity (charity yet to be confirmed). It all started with a rather un attractive piece of golf themed fabric Belinda from Little Sew and Sews  received in a fabric bundle. Her first idea was to send a piece to everyone and see what they could come up with and sell but, well, that went down like a led balloon, but it did plant a seed for the "Scrappy Softie".
The doll (yet to be named) has been created using a gorgeous rag doll pattern from Dolls and Daydreams, Big Doll Softie Pattern . Using fabric donated by a number of the girls Belinda pieced her together resulting in a gorgeous softie doll.

Isn't she just divine, she will be making a number of stops all over Australia before finally being auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the nominated charity. Along the way she will be added to resulting in what I am sure will be a gorgeous addition to any child life. Her first stop is in WA with Tina from The Sewing Fairy, then she is back to Belinda so she can personally accompany her over to Melbourne to meet her new host family! I am hoping I'll be able to see her in person when a large contingent of TSS are convening on Melb for the Quilt and Craft fair being held at Jeff's shed in a couple of weeks (11 days to be exact!). So look out for some pics on the blog. I'll also be added her journey pics as they happen.

Well that's all from me today, catch ya later crafty peeps!

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