Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the hunt...

OK so I may or may not have a unhealthy addiction to the per curing myself a vintage cantilevered sewing box..

Have you seen them? They are just gorgeous, here take a look at a little collection of pictures I have collected...

Aren't they just the prettiest things you've EVER SEEN!?!

Now I have a couple of problems, I am too tight to spend copious amounts of money, I want a bargain damn it, but am coming around to the fact I will have to part with more of my money to get my gorgeous sewing box. My second problem is finding THE ONE!

When the weather improves I am going to start doing the garage sales, car boot sales, Camberwell Market, and every market in between.

If you come across one of these glorious boxes in your travels and don't want to snatch it up for your self please think of me and perhaps shoot me an email of where you saw it.

I am determined to get one of these before my birthday in Sept (20th), so with your help I may get there!


  1. I had one of these until a month or so ago.
    It was my mum's hubby didn't realise and sold it in our clearance sale. It was broken and needed a good fix up. But it has gone I will get another one :)

  2. Oh no! Why do men do that, don't bother to ask you if something is important to you and sell it or throw it out, if we turned around and did it to them it would be the worst thing we could have done!


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