Friday, February 3, 2012

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In other news I had my orientation for school yesterday! One step closer to starting my new life! Classes start 9am Monday morning! My first class is a lecture, Analyse use of colour in textiles. SQUEEEEEEEE!
Then after that I have 3 hours of, Apply techniques to produce Drawing, and then Textile Design influences. OMG Can't wait! Oooh and I get to buy lot's of awesome stationary and pencils (heaven!).

I'm also working on some new design jobs for my business Atomic Gracie. Do you notice something different from the last time I spoke about this? Well as it turns out Atomic Betty is also the name of a popular (I'd never heard of it) cartoon, so to avoid future copyright issues I reluctantly changed the name to Atomic Gracie. (Gracie is special for me as it's my daughters (who we lost when she was 3 days old) middle name (Grace). I've also started a FB page where you can be kept up to date with all the AG goings on! So go on, like away! :D

Till next time....

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