Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ball Jars

I first heard (and saw) about these beautiful things a few years back on the Martha Stewart show, and instantly fell in love with them. Not sure what it was that got me, perhaps their rounded corners, the vintage feel, oh and don't get me started on the blue tinted jars! TDF!
(Check out the Martha segment here.)

I remember seeing in movies set in the south (in the US) where they would drink their "Moonshine" from jars, I just loved that idea realising later that they were ball jars!

Ball Mason Jars's intended purpose is for canning to preserve food. It was invented and patented by John Landis Mason in 1858 hence "Mason" Jar's, Ball which they are also known as is from the early manufacturer of the jars.


In recent years they've become popular in the DIY world, being used as anything from a hand soap/lotion dispenser to light fixtures! Seeing all the gorgeous things people have done with them have always made me super jealous as we don't have them here in Australia, yes I could get them sent from the US but I don't want to even think how much that would cost not to mention the risk of them being broken (or lost) in transit. So I just had to admire from afar, hoping one day I would have a jar of my very own! Well today was the day when my jar dreams came true! I did a google search for Ball Jars Australia and low and behold there is a website who imports and sell Mason Jars! OMG! I almost died. I was like a kid in a candy store, if of course the candy store was full of glass canning jars... And to top it all of it's in a suburb near me and you can go in and buy from the factory. AMAZEBALLS (wink wink).

If you're interested in checking out or purchasing some jars of your very own check out The Redback Trading Company. They have a mail order service but you have to purchase larger quantities but you can also head in and check out the jarry goodness in person where you can also purchase smaller quantities or pick up you're online order. A tip on the site is to give them a call if you were thinking of coming down as they might not be there but are happy to arrange a mutually convenient time.

My very first ball jar purchase is to be a soap/lotion dispenser, cute and functional (loves it!)


For inspiration for what can be done with Mason Jars check out pinterest, there are heaps of great ideas!

Here are some of my favs...

{source unknown}

Do you love these jars of glass as much as I? Do you have any in you're collection? I would love to see them!

Till next time...

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