Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh to have a space of my own and other musings... - {Blogtoberfest Day 1}

It's that time of year again folks! Yep, it's BLOGTOBERFEST! The month where you post a blog a day for, you guessed it, OCTOBER! I know I've been very slack over the past few month. Life has just been cray cray!

Here's a quick runny of what we've been up to in the musing house hold...

Mr Musings lost his job
Mr Musings started studying not one but TWO courses.
One course went bust (Thanks liberals...) but another (and cheaper) course was found.
I decided to not continue with my course but my awesome course coordinator convinced me to stay on and allowed me to follow a path which suits me better next year...
TLBB has been busy, work coming in (as well as $$) which has given meaning to my life (only kiddly, kinda, sorta.)
My backs been giving be gyp. Off to the Dr's for scan referral's. It's been an on going issue for a number of years now and it's starting to stop me doing simple things...
Master Musings is enrolled in Primary school for next year (WHERE HAS MY BABY GONE!)
Mr Musings got a new job (HURRAH!) It does take him away from us 4 nights a week (and most of the day) but it's money.
I had a birthday and finally got a kindle (which I am still getting used to reading)!

So as you can see life's been hectic to say the least!

Not much crafting going on other than the digital kind in the form of logo's, FB page elements and business cards!

As for what the title of this post means, I've always wondered why creative people need studios, other than to hold the items that come along with their chosen art, but now I know. Trying to be creative with bugs bunny and a very active and attention seeking 5 year under my feet is not a simple task!!!

Oh to have a place of my own...

I'll leave you with some of the work I've been creating for my clients. If you're interested in getting TLBB to create you something for you, be it for work or play drop me an email here anytime!

fb and business branding for Gracie & Me

a birthday party invite for ria

a birthday party invite for a cheeky monkey.

logo and business card design for Jo Upton Photography


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