Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I must apologise

I have been absent of late. There's a number of reasons I haven't been here, family illness which included myself , I even spent a couple of nights in hospital just for something different! I've also had to take a leave of absence from my course which makes me :( as I was enjoying myself, but something had to give. There's a small chance I can start back mid year but if not I'll be starting back at the beginning of next year. I haven't been crafting much either which has me frustrated. I've been dabbling in crochet but it gets me confused after a while, all the single stitches and double stitches, chains, OMG! I'll keep at it but it may take me a while to get something finished, but stay tuned.

I'm hoping to be back with sometting more interesting to say, till next time peeps


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